Second-Round Betting

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As the NHL playoffs march on, eight teams have been knocked out of the running. The second round holds many similarities to first-round betting, with a few minor changes. 

More information is readily available on the current state of the remaining teams. Players are starting to show trends of what performance can be expected in the games ahead. 

Injuries may start accumulating. The teams are feeling more pressure as the stakes continue to rise within the second round. This is especially true when for Stanely Cup Finals betting.

Second-Round Strategies

If you read our previous guide on first-round betting, you’re in good shape here. A lot of your betting strategies will remain the same throughout the second round. There are a few key points to consider moving forward, however. 

First, look back at the previous round’s series. Which teams swept their opponents? Who played all seven games? This is an important factor to consider coming into Game 1 of the second round. 

For example, in 2018, when the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. The Capitals played a brutal seven games against Tampa Bay before coming into the finals against the Vegas Knights. The Capitals lost Game 1 but then won the next four games. 

There’s no question the Capitals were capable of beating the Knights like a drum, but then why did they lose Game 1? They were tired. 

After working their way through a seven-game series, their bodies and minds were worn down. And the Knights had a longer break. 

This is something to pay attention to, even early in the playoffs, such as the second round. 

Second, keep those eyes on the injured list. If teams are losing players due to injuries, their play most likely will suffer. These eight remaining teams have played a minimum of four games, most likely more as series continue to grow longer. 

Hockey isn’t exactly a low contact sport, either. Bodies crunch and grind against each other and people get hurt. If the Blues lose Vladimir Tarasenko in Game 6 of a series, what happens to their chances in the second round? Again, watch that injured list!

Third, as we move into the second round and on, we will start to see players get tired. Some teams have played six to seven games just to make it to the second round. 

Those long series and increased ice time take a toll on the bodies and minds of these athletes. Keep this in mind when looking at which teams will come out on top. 

Zig-Zag Theory

This principle is still in play in the second round. Especially if the underdog loses Game 1, bet on them to win Game 2! 

The ROI is too good to ignore. However, this is a good point to bring up a new set of data crunched by Professor MJ. His research has shown that the ROI is even better when the underdog wins Game 1. 

Not by just a little, either, but the ROI doubles. He has a complete breakdown game by game over on his site. 

Don’t forget this when going on to bet on the Conference Finals too.

General Advice

Again, even in the second round, we need to cover more of the same territory here. As always, check the emotions at the door. 

It is now more likely than ever that your favorite team hasn’t made it. But that’s ok when you’re trying to make money. Focus on how the wallet is doing, and buy a beer to remember them by with the excess.

Also, coaches are going to be getting sharper. They’ll be looking at the same stats everyone else is pouring over, watching game tape, and reviewing their opponent’s strategies. They’ll find holes quicker and exploit them if they can.

Lastly, keep running your strategies that work. The pressure is starting to build. Keep calm, look at the math, and make your money! 

Don’t alter strategies on a whim. Keep your bankroll safe by keeping your bets stable. Sports betting is a long game, and you need to hang in there. The second round of the playoffs is still just the beginning. 


There are still eight teams looking to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup. Hockey is a dynamic sport where things can change in an instant. 

Solid strategies will help you navigate the playoffs and win money. The second round of betting is very similar to the first, with a few minor differences. 

Look at who played more games in round one. Watch those injuries. The coaches have more input to react to. Players are starting to grow fatigued, especially in long series. 

Keep your proven strategies working, and don’t raise your bet. Good luck out there!

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