Conference Finals Betting

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The first and second rounds are over. Only four teams remain looking to win the Stanley Cup. Public interest has started to increase, players are feeling the strain, and bettors should have seen some steady income from the first two rounds.

So what are the best strategies for moving into the conference finals? Read on to find out!

Conference Finals Picks

There are a couple of factors that make betting on the conference finals different. But a lot of information is the same as well. As always, keep watching those injuries. If a core group of players is knocked out, a team is going to underperform. 

Continue to implement a policy of no emotions allowed. If your favorite team is still in the conference finals, be especially cautious! Emotional involvement is a surefire way to lose big! 

Continue to make great ROI by betting on the lower seed in Game 2, no matter what. This bet is not a guaranteed win; however, it is the most statistically likely outcome. 

For conference finals strategy specifics, we need to be looking at a few new things. 

Public Interest

Now that we’re just one series away from the Stanley Cup Final, more and more people have started watching the games. This also means more people are looking to make a little money betting on their team to win. 

In other sports, such as the NBA, MLB, or NFL, when the public money starts coming in, your book usually has to start adjusting things to keep up. Luckily, the NHL isn’t plagued with a gigantic popularity spike when Lord Stanley is mentioned. Most likely, there will be no problems arising from a slight increase in the public’s interest. 


The pressure on the teams entering the conference finals is nothing to be ignored. Each game is one step closer to hockey immortality. Every player on both benches is thinking about hoisting that silver cup above their heads. 

Naturally, they will attempt to squash those emotions. This is especially true of seasoned athletes who may have been here multiple times before. But it is always there, nagging at the back of their minds. 

Watch for tell-tale signs that players are starting to lose their mental focus. Penalty minutes is a good number to look at for this. 

Previous Series

We’ve had two other rounds to watch how these teams function in the playoffs. Now we’re in the conference finals. We should have a better understanding of how they’re going to perform against the team they’re matched up against. 

If one team has been sweeping or winning series 4-1, and the other team has been playing six or seven games each series, you can see a clear pattern of who is most likely to win. But remember, in Game 2, bet the underdog for better ROI. Now, let’s get back to more familiar topics. 

Zig-Zag Theory

In the conference finals, betting the zig-zag theory becomes even more important. As the stakes increase, the motivations to bounce back from a loss are stronger. Keep looking at the likelihood that the losing team of the last game will win the next game. 

General Advice

Remember, first and foremost, keep your emotions locked away during the conference finals or any round of betting. A giddy bettor is a broke bettor. 

Second, if you’ve had great success in the last two rounds, and all season long, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change your processes or strategies completely just because its the conference finals. Especially don’t start trying to up the ante. Regardless of the stakes or pressures around these games, keep your bet stable and let the long-term math make you money. 

Have you been watching those injuries? At this stage in the playoffs, injured players may be coming back on the bench. Watch for returning players to send jolts of energy into their teams and hit the ice with something to prove. 

Of course, they could be slightly hesitant as well. Watch pregame coverage or read pregame reports to get an idea of which way they’re going. As always, keep watching who has been removed from the roster due to injuries and adjust accordingly. 


With conference finals betting, a lot of things have stayed the same, and some new factors have been added. Watch the injuries, both coming off the ice and those coming back on. Keep the coaches and their gameplans in mind. 

Be mindful of the flush of public interest, but don’t worry about it. The stakes are getting higher, and the pressure is truly on. See if players start to crack or grow tired. Watch how the teams performed in the previous two series and use that as a guidepost. 

Keep emotional involvement in control, and don’t alter your betting strategies if you have seen success thus far. In Game 2, bet on the underdog. Bet the zig-zag theory when it makes sense to do so. Good luck out there!

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